Use of Renewable Energy in Powering Data Centers in Emerging Markets

Jan 2018
Global, January, 25 2018 - The new report from Energy & Natural Resources Market Reports has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of energy & natural resources industries.

Information technology and service provider companies are turning to renewable energy to meet sustainability goals because of high energy consumption and excessive emissions from data centers. Companies are investing in on-site renewable energy projects or partnering with utility companies to expand their green footprint. This study establishes that emerging markets hold great potential for green data center expansion, as some of them are focused on increasing renewable-energy generation and improving grid infrastructure. It also identifies potential emerging markets for green data center expansion by 2020.

Key Findings:

– Emerging markets with both, high and low levels of data center presence and a high level of planned renewable energy investments are target locations for data centers powered by renewable energy. Ten such emerging markets are listed.
– Country case studies: Indonesia and South Africa. Huge growth in information technology demand, coupled with high planned future investments and government mandates for renewable energy make these countries attractive markets for green data centers.
– Certain macroeconomic and demographic factors of emerging markets drive the demand for information technology and, hence, data centers. In the renewable energy sector, characteristics such as new investments in renewable energy generation and grid infrastructure, government policies, and mandates propel green data centers.
– An unprecedented growth in urbanization, especially in emerging markets, is expected to drive the development of smart cities. Smart cities require the local presence of data centers without environment degradation-which make them an ideal option to establish green data centers, while leveraging local demand for information technology.
– Green data center initiatives are concentrated in developed markets. This is primarily because emerging markets are challenged with accessibility to power and high energy costs. What prospects do these emerging markets then hold for data center expansion in the future?

Source : MilTech

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