Peru: Microfinance Meets Green Energy Efforts

Aug 2011
Luxembourg, August, 16 2011 - ADA is pleased to announce that two microcredit programmes for the acquisition of clean energy products in Peru were launched under The Energy Inclusion Initiative in July 2011.

Created in 2010 by ADA and MicroEnergy International (MEI), with the support of the Luxembourg Directorate for Cooperation, The Energy Inclusion Initiative aims to develop access for Peruvian micro-entrepreneurs to equipment operating with green energy.

For this purpose, ADA and MEI partnered with two Peruvian microfinance institutions (MFIs): FONDESURCO and Caja Huancayo. The initiative should enable 10,000 Peruvian micro-entrepreneurs to obtain green energy solutions by 2014 through the financial services provided by the two MFIs.

On 5 July 2011, Caja Huancayo inaugurated its “Crediecológico” credit programme in Satipo, a town situated  deep in the Amazon forest. Solar-powered coffee dryers are now sold in the region, one of the principal coffee growing areas in Peru. The equipment allows farmers to improve the quality of their products and develop their micro-enterprises while protecting the environment. Moreover, Caja Huancayo offers solar water heaters to its clients located in the highlands of the Junín region.

Likewise, on 19 July 2011, the NGO FONDESURCO, specialising in microfinance for rural areas, published the programme “FondeENERGIA” for the village of Chivay, situated 3,640 metres above sea level in the mythical Colca Canyon. Thanks to this programme, micro-entrepreneurs can obtain a microloan to acquire a solar water heater. Micro-entrepreneurs who run hostels or guesthouses in this area, with its considerable tourist appeal, will be able to provide customers with hot water, a commodity greatly appreciated in the colder climates.

Caja Huancayo and FONDESURCO will also sell ovens that consume 50% less wood than the traditional one. This equipment will be useful for restaurants, bakeries and households. Not only is the oven economical and ecofriendly but the toxic fumes generated by the wood combustion are evacuated out of the kitchen through its flue. Micro-entrepreneurs therefore preserve the environment and their health at the same time.

Source : ADA

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