Liberia: Weah Targets Poverty Reduction

Jan 2018
Liberia, January, 31 2018 - President George M. Weah says his government will prioritize poverty reduction in order to improve the lives of Liberians.

He said his immediate strategy for reducing poverty, increasing youth empowerment through job creation and training, and improving the productivity of the economy, is to embark upon a comprehensive road and highway construction program that will link all county capitals with all-weather paved primary roads.

Weah made the statement Monday, January 29, 2018 when he delivered his first state of the nation address at the Legislature.

President Weah said the roads will be built to the highest international standards, and linked to paved secondary farm-to-market roads that will enhance agriculture, trade and tourism in Liberia.

He said particular priority will be given to a coastal highway that will run from Buchanan to Harper, which will eventually end the complete isolation of south-eastern Liberia, a condition that has existed since the formation of Liberia.

President Weah: "This is a medium-term project which will take several years to complete, but it is the intention of my government to prioritize the planning and raising of funding for this important development goal, which has been estimated to cost approximately three billion dollars."

He acknowledged that the process will be challenging, but said "I am convinced that, with the assistance of friendly governments and institutions, this can be achieved before the end of my tenure."

Source : All Africa

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