Government adds 13 More Regional Development Banks to Distribue Micro-Credit

Feb 2010
Jakarta, Indonesia, February, 10 2010 - The Association of Regional Development Banks (Asbanda) has added 13 more banks for the distribution of micro-credit (KUR) across the country.

The 13 banks are; PT Bank DKI, PT Bank Nagari, PT Bank Jabar Banten, PT Bank Jateng, Bank BPD DIY, PT Bank Jatim, PT Bank NTB, PT Bank Kalbar, BPD Kalsel, PT Bank Kalteng, PT Bank Sulut, PT Bank Maluku, and PT Bank Papua.

“The coordinating minister for economy, as the committee head of credit guarantee policy, has approved this measure,” said Winny Erwindia, Chairman of Asbanda, during Asbanda national meeting (mukernas) at Hotel Le Meridien, Jakarta, Wednesday (2/10).

Winny, who is also the president director of Bank DKI, said that besides the micro-credit, Asbanda also runs financing cooperation of credit syndication, such as one for the construction of the 35-km Kanci-Pejagan toll road, spending a total investment of Rp 2.5 trillion; Rp 1.3 trillion of which came from several banks such as BNI (Rp 664.5 billion), BRI (Rp 483 billion), Bank Jabar Banten (Rp 100 billion), Bank Jatim (Rp 75 billion), and Bank Jateng (Rp 33.7 billion).

“In addition to the programs we have been running; this year, we will also focus on the provision of sanitation or clean water supply for the public,” she said.

To support their programs, the regional development banks under Asbanda now have a total of 2,929 networks throughout the archipelago, consisting of 1,876 conventional offices, 288 syariah offices, and 968 ATMs; employing around 24,592 people in total. “We will continue to expand our coverage so that the regional banks can become leading banks in their respective areas,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Assistant of Economy and Administration of Jakarta Capital City Administration, Mala Oloan Siregar said the existence of a regional development bank in a region was quite important to help improve local people’s economy and welfare. He expected the regional banks could also become the local government’s partner in boosting the economy. “Regional development banks provide micro-credit which is very useful for small entrepreneurs to expand their businesses,” said Mara Oloan Siregar.

Data from Asbanda shows, the total asset of regional development banks in the country from December 2007 to December 2008 was up by 9.02 percent, from Rp 168.59 trillion to Rp 183.8 trillion; and from December 2008 to November 2009, it jumped by 12.17 percent, from Rp 183.8 trillion to Rp 206.16 trillion; so the total asset of regional development banks in the country settled at the fifth position among national banks.

The total credit distribution of the regional development banks from December 2007 to November 2009 grew by 34.10 percent, from Rp 71.92 trillion to Rp 96.44 trillion; while from December 2008 to November 2009 it was up by 27.8 percent, from Rp 96.44 trillion to Rp 123.26 trillion; and it also settled at the fifth position among national banks.

Source : Berita Jakarta

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