Conference: Microfinance Investments 2008

Jul 2008
London, United Kingdom, July, 14 2008 - The Microfinance Investments 2008 will take place on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 to Thursday, October 30, 2008. Millennium Knightsbridge Hotel, London, United Kingdom.

Investments in microfinance are continuing to soar above all predictions at a 25% annual growth rate and total asset value estimated at $33bn, yet important questions are still being raised about how sustainable this asset class is in the long run and whether investors can expect sustained returns? Convergence is occurring between microfinance and mainstream banking as MFIs grow in size and sophistication and commercial banks enter the market. While these trends have boosted the size and quality of the microfinance sector, they bring with them new pressures of competition and higher expectations on fund performance.

Join an unparalleled faculty including CEOs, Chairpersons, Heads of Global Microfinance Departments and Managing Directors from Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Blue Orchard, responsAbility, Grameen Foundation, CGAP, Symbiotics, Microvest, Merrill Lynch, ACCION, IFC, Unitus Investment Group, Standards and Poor’s, FitchRatings, LuxFlag, MIX and other industry leaders as they share their expertise on how to balance the needs of the issuers against the risk/reward appetite of investors, so that a well structured mechanism can evolve to facilitate and increase global investment in microfinance. Through in-depth research and analysis with key industry professionals like you, this event will not only put current market transactions into context, but also explore the potential business models emerging to ensure sustained growth in the microfinance industry.

Be present at Europe’s leading event bringing together experts from across the globe dealing with investments in Microfinance where we identify and resolve industry’s concerns including:

  • What are the investment alternatives available in microfinance for institutional investors?
  • Recent innovative fund structures in the microfinance context
  • US market perspective on microfinance investments
  • Analysis of fund rating methodologies currently being used in microfinance
  • Strategies for balancing the risks and rewards of having microfinance in your portfolio
  • Developing a uniform framework for evaluating social performance
  • How to avoid a sub-prime crisis in microfinance
  • Importance of development agencies’ investments for growth in microfinance
  • MIX market update on how the microfinance industry is performing
  • Developing internationally applicable corporate governance guidelines for MFIs

Source : C5

Research Analysis Tools

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