Conference: Building Inclusive Financial Systems, How Funders Can Make a Difference

May 2008
Washington D.C., United States, May, 05 2008 - A Five-day Training Course for Staff from Public and Private Funding Agencies and Policymakers. Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 8-12, 2008.

Offered by CGAP and the Microfinance Management Institute (MFMI), this course is the only one of its kind designed specifically to introduce donors and investors to the rapidly evolving world of microfinance in a hands-on and interactive fashion.  It also draws on the latest research and trends identified by CGAP and other industry leaders.

 The  course  is  tailored for staff from public and private funding agencies and policymakers  who  will  benefit  from a deeper understanding of microfinance to conduct  their  work  more effectively.  In just five days, participants will gain an overview of contemporary microfinance, state-of-the-art principles and practical recommendations including:
  • Criteria  for  appraising microfinance projects and investments
  • Techniques  and  tools  for  the  performance-based  management of microfinance projects
  • Investments and recommendations for fostering policy
  • Policy frameworks that promote financial services for poor people
  • Visits to interesting microfinance institutions in Croatia, neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

More than 480 participants from over 70 countries have benefited from previous courses and have consistently rated it highly; average ratings have been 4.5 out of 5. 

Source : CGAP

Research Analysis Tools

The fund indexes, institution benchmarks and other market information displayed here are all Symbiotics designed analysis tools, created in-house by our analysts and experts. Symbiotics has one of the oldest track records in microfinance investment analysis dating back to the late 1990s; its indexes and benchmarks have been regularly used as markers by investors, asset managers, financial institutions and practitioners. These, as well as several other research products, are available through the Research Account. Click on the link below to find out more.

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