Asia Microfinance Forum 2008 to Take Place in Hanoi

Aug 2008
Hanoi, Vietnam, August, 22 2008 - The Asia Microfinance Forum 2008 will be held in Hanoi from Aug. 26-28 with the theme “Microfinance in the 21st centure: Future Trends and Opportunities,” according to Citibank Vietnam.

The forum will be the first regional microfinance conference and the biggest microfinance event to take place in Vietnam so far.

The Asia Microfiance Forum 2008 will be jointly organised by PlaNet Finance Group, the European Union and the State Bank of Vietnam .

Citibank Vietnam, the sponsor of the forum, said that t his milestone event will bring together nearly 500 leading microfinance workers, policymakers, financial officers, investors and researchers from more than 50 countries around the world.

The conference will include a plenary session on the future of Vietnam ’s microfinance besides a number of sideline events.

The Asia Microfinance Forum 2008 will focus on the challenges and innovations that will have the greatest impact on microfinance in the coming decades and provide a window to the future of microfinance, especially in Asia.


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